Friday, March 28, 2008

listening to...

i know it's been pretty much forever since i posted, so i'm starting back with a boring old "what i'm listening to right now" kind of entry. here it is!

she & him is the name of talented duo m. ward and zooey deschanel. their cute olden-times sounding alt-country and pop tunes are just the right amount of melancholy and twang for me.

vampire weekend. i am ashamed to say that before their snl performance a while back i had never heard of these fine fellows. sure they're a little preppy, a little pop-ish, but i like how they blend that with really west-african pop sounds. it sounds so good together! these songs get stuck in my head and i really don't mind.

bonnie "prince" billy (aka will oldham). he was on my list to check into more closely for such a long time that i never really gave his music a good listen, until i checked out to see if they could hook me up with something new and different. my nephew told me about pandora: it's a kind of internet radio that picks songs to play for you based on what bands you like and select. in the way of introducing new stuff, it was pretty decent, but very worthwhile because the one of the first tunes it played was a billy tune that i really dug. he's mellow, melodic, maybe a little sad. beautiful.