Thursday, December 16, 2004

as promised...

as my twin asked me to list some good music i've, for your convenience, is a list and as much info as i have about the best bands and musicians i've recently come across. delightful and tingly to the eardrums.

where to start, where to start? well, first of all i'd like to explain that i owe my survival this year completely to itunes. i recently moved to idaho where i have been unable to discover anything remotely resembling a decent radio station. the closest one to bearable plays something decent, say, damien rice or u2, followed up by KELLY CLARKSON, or even worse HILLARY DUFF. and by the way, how in the h-e-double hockeysticks did lindsey lohan get a recording contract? i am scared, people, positively wetting myself, about the state of the music industry today. i don't want to be one of those past-their-prime people who sits around in a rocking chair and screeches about "what them kids are calling music these days" but puh-lease. britney spears? ASHLEE SIMPSON on snl? that is IT! SOMETHING HAS GOT TO BE DONE.

the more i listen to music, the more i appreciate the "indie" artists, and those who aren't on the top 40 charts, who aren't really considered mainstream.

for support i turn to the lyrics of a recently released album by william shatner. yes, you read correctly, william shatner. i was actually surprised that i liked what i heard of his latest release. perhaps this also has a lot to do with ben folds producing the album and participating a lot musically on it. the song is called "i can't get behind that."

anyway, he says, "i can't get behind so-called singers that can't carry a tune, get paid for talking, how easy is that?... If you have to fix it with a computer: quantized, pitch corrected, and overly inspected, then you can't do it, and I can't get behind that!"
you said it will.
so whaddya say? will you join in my crusade? who will be strong and stand with me?
now that i shot my mouth off for twenty minutes on that subject, i'm too tired to devote the time needed to fairly and adequately represent these extremely talented musicians. i'll leave off till tomorrow, perhaps.


Allisan said...

Hi! I like your blog a lot, you remind me of your crazy twin. Good luck with the blog, keep posting because we find you highly entertaining!

unabashed said...

hey, you know my crazy twin? how cool is that...i mean, i thought she was the only one reading this. nene, is that you?