Monday, September 24, 2007

heater dies

Although spring has arrived, it definitely has it's sleepy days, and at night it seems it's just as cold as ever. Which, of course necessitates a heat source. This is especially true since the builders of homes in our area seem to have a complete lack of understanding of a little thing we like to call "insulation" back home. Yes, it's true . . . and to my mind the energy issue would have been way less serious if they had thought to actually insulate homes way back when, but then again hey, what do I know about building houses in Australia? As it is our brick abode bakes us like an oven in summer and cold seeps in through the walls and door frames in winter.

So, back at the beginning of winter our heat source of choice was a good sized electric space heater that we bought at Big W. Some of the bonuses included a thermostat and a timer. Little did we know that the timer function was not something that you could turn off, and in the days and weeks that followed we learned to deal with the slight ticking noise in the background--all for the comfort of being able to sleep at night without seeing our breath. Well, now that we've had the heater for several months the slight ticking noise has become more like the sound of a woodpecker on speed, and at some times gets so loud that I actually think there's a jackhammer in our bedroom. Well, last night I had had enough and let's just say, we won't be dealing with ticking noise any more. Ummmm, I hope it warms up soon.


jomama said...

i hope it warms up, too! that's funny, because for me, i'm wishing for cooler weather. woodpecker on speed...teehee, that's funny!!

Cindy said...

I'm already getting cold here. The last few nights have been in the low 40s and he haven't turned the juice on to our heaters yet... David says he's taking the air conditioners out soon... They haven't been on for 2 weeks!

Natalee said...

I think you need to make a trip to Arizona to see me! I shouldn't even suggest that actually b/c I know how it is in the airplane with kids and a fourteen hour flight, I cannot even fathom.
Ironically, I am missing those cool fall days. I love pulling out the sweaters and cute scarfs. At least I do get to wear flip flops year round. that is a good thing. I guess it is cooling off here, it was high of 97 today :).

traveltwin said...

yeah, our trip out to the States in june was enough to make me want to stay put for a long, long time. i'd rather have a root canal than put j. on a plane that long again.

dude, we're heading into the 90's soon too. it is nice to have changes in seasons, though, don't you think? they're not as drastic here as they were in the good ol' intermountain west, but probably more than where you are!