Friday, November 14, 2008

today i...

sometimes i start thinking about all the improvements i need to make, all the things i don't get done, how much tv i let my kids watch, and on and on and on, and it can get a little much. i can really get pushed down by it, y'know?
so i think it's important for slowly-improving people like me to celebrate the small things. as in, some days i get the dishes all done. as in, some days i get a load of laundry done, clean a bathroom, and play a lot with the kids. as in, some days i get to take pictures.
today i took pictures.


D'Arcy said...


Today I will spend time with my niece, and that will be the most important thing I do. Everything else is repetitive and rote, but that, that will make all the difference!!! (to quote Frost!)

Cindy said...

Know the feeling! :)