Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new (really old) piano

ever since i had a home of my own to put one in, i've wanted a piano. i remember hours upon hours of forced practicing from my own childhood, but also hearing my mom play hymns on sunday morning, learning to play a "famous" piece and feeling so proud of myself, and eventually teaching beginning students myself.
so when we found this oldie at a campus sale, and the price was right, we got our piano. the piano tuner came this week and told us our piano was made in 1907 in new york city. just imagining the different places this piano has been, all the different people who played it and stood around it singing... it made it through the roaring twenties, the great depression, both world wars, and traveled across the united states. that in and of itself makes it worth the money to me.
but the fact that now i have a piano to teach my kids to play on, to play primary songs with them, to re-teach myself some of my old favorites, to have music, our own plunked-out music in my house, now that's just priceless.


Nat said...

I had no idea you played! How fun! I have my grandma's old piano-1928. I don't play nearly as often as I should... *sigh*

Cindy said...

Wonderful!!! I LOVE antiques!! Useful ones at that. :) I love to think of what those things have been through. Where they have been. What they have seen. When I married David I married our piano too. :) It is an old Player piano built in the late twenties in New York as well. David's Dad bought it the day David was born with the money they had saved for my husbands birth. So the Piano came into the family with David and now that we have our own family the piano is here too. :) We love our Piano!! Wish I could play! The kids will play though.

traveltwin said...

wow, jo. you just have a way of putting things. you amaze me.

i'm happy for you guys. you are going to create some wonderful memories around that piano. good on ya.

Ashley Thalman said...

I never asked you, nor did I gather: Are you in Utah?