Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i can see the pines are dancing

on a recent fall-getting-close-to-winter day, we all went to the park together.

can you see m. at all in this first one? she's standing under that really big tree.

it was cold. this is m.'s cold face:

this is when daddy helped her cross a fallen-tree bridge.

here is little c.'s cold face:

here is m. playing on the bridge

i like the way the light turned out in this one:

daddy climbed quite a tall tree, like a conquering hero:
i just loved the way little c. was looking down in this one:


Frances said...

Beautiful pictures!

CharityMay said...

amazing pictures, you could make a living off those! you capture your kid's sweetness and personalities so well. i love m's cold face. awesome.

traveltwin said...

cute, cute, cute! and like n. needs to be any taller.