Thursday, December 31, 2009

nothing changes on new year's day?

you know that u2 song?

all is quiet on new year's day
a world in white gets underway
i want to be with you night and day
nothing changes on new year's day.

right now the house is quiet except for my "best of 2009" playlist, the husband took the kids sledding and snowmobiling. here's how he looked:
(handsome, right? i'd steal that hat from him if i thought it would look as good on me.)

anyway, the house is quiet and i'm thinking about all the goals and plans i have for this new year and whether i'll be able to accomplish any of them, let alone all of them. i tend to dream big and have small follow-through.
but right now i'm thinking i don't care about the past. i think things DO change on new year's day. i'm thinking i will accomplish my goals this year.
i'm thinking about how i've cleaned my whole house in preparation for the new year (like the chinese do for theirs) and tonight, how we're planning on incorporating another chinese tradition into our new year. the tradition is that at midnight you open all the doors and windows in your house to let out the old year. (i don't know if we'll open ALL of ours, brrrrr! but we're going to do it!)
when 2010 comes around i want 2009 out of here. it was a great year in a lot of ways but i'm so excited to start the new one. it's my clean slate, my world in white getting underway...


Nat said...

I feel the same way. 2009 wasn't bad, by any means, but I'm excited to start 2010 and to work on some of my goals. Good luck, and Happy New Year!

Janae said...

You are always the best writer! I used to think the new year didn't change anything...but this last week something changed in side of me and I decided that this new year will change everything! I have lots that I will accomplish this year and I am looking foward to it all.

D'Arcy said...

I love that tradition. I've gotten into the habit of opening my window each morning and letting the fresh mountain air into my room to make me inhale deeply, shiver a bit and feel ALIVE!

Did you post on your best of playlist? I'll keep reading and see, otherwise you HAVE to send it to me please!