Monday, June 07, 2010

rocket pops and many thanks

last night we decided to try out our new popsicle molds. we made a mixture out of frozen strawberries, vanilla yogurt, and a little bit of apple juice. then i blended it all up and poured it in the molds. the kids had them for snacks this morning.
review: sweet m. loved them. little c. thought they were cool for one second and then, before even trying a lick, decided they were yucky and wanted a regular popsicle. silly kid!
i thought the molds were great. they froze the pops beautifully, the designs are so cute, and the little tray that catches drips is ingenious! they were easy to get out of the molds, too. just a little hot water and they slid right out. (if anyone is interested they are tovolo popsicle molds and i got them from amazon.)

now i have to take a little minute to say thank you to everyone who has been so kind to me lately. there have been words of encouragement, flowers from my parents, kind comments on the blog, there were really yummy cookies and a thoughtful note from a friend, there have been empathetic conversations and wonderfully capable women who covered for me and didn't make me feel bad about it at all.

one of the worst things about depression for me is how isolating it can be. it is so easy to stop reaching out to people and to convince myself that i'm alone, that everyone already has their group of friends and why would they want me to join in?
but i couldn't possibly feel that way now. not with all of the kindness and love you all have shown me. thank you, thank you!

i feel so happy lately. happier than i've been in a long, long time. and i know a lot of that comes from the happiness and kindness of the people in my life, whether it be old friends, new friends, acquaintances, or blog friends. i'm so grateful.


Layton Mom said...

I am so glad that you have been feeling so good lately. It is nice to see your smiling face out and about. You are a great woman with fabulous children!

Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

First, the rocket pops would be a great hit at my fun.
Second, I am so glad that you are feeling so good. Hopefully when the sun decides to shine again for the summer it will help alot too. I love visiting with you and think a lot of you. It was so nice to be able to sit at mutual and just talk those couple of weeks ago. I am just so happy for you that you are feeling so much better!

Jessica said...

awesome popcicles! Even Alissa says paco now because she loves them so much. I'll have to look into the molds.

I'm glad you're feeling good. You really are a great person with so much to offer. I'm so happy we get to serve together in the YW.

Anonymous said...

hey Jo. It was really good to see you last Saturday, and I'm sorry that we didn't get to to the BBQ. Anytime you all are heading to the in-laws call us, because we want to see you too. I never know when to call. I don't want to bug you, and sometimes, I am just so tired, that I just want to crawl in bed! I'm really bad at reaching out these days. Before, I had the excuse of Kyra being in half-day Kindergarten, and it was an interruption into the day because of Suzy's nap time. Now, school is out, and all I really have to make sure happens is Suzy's nap! So, we will have to get together more often. I say we go to the zoo together like last year. My girls always love a trip to the zoo or park. I'll give you a call, and I apologize in advance if I catch you at a bad time!