Monday, December 20, 2010

i can't believe...

...i was ever afraid of having a boy.

thank you for making my life silly, snuggly, exasperating, loud, and so much fun. when i saw you for the first time, and they put that bright red hat on you (only for babies born around christmas time,) i fell into so much love that it caught in my throat.
today is your day. today you can drink pop and have more than one treat! i hope that it is so much fun for you, and i hope that someday you understand how special you've made my life.
love, mom


Frances said...

So sweet J! I'm also afraid of having a boy one day but then I realize how silly that is and of course it'll be just as amazing. Happy Birthday C!!

Nat said...

Oh he's so stinking cute! I love your kids. Happy b-day little man!

Zoe said...

I agree, I think he's SUPER cute! He always looks so handsome at church. I hope he had a great day :)

cindave said...

ok, so i just blindly picked a blog that had an interesting name off of erynn wilcox's blog list. I'm all, "what a cute picture! Gotta love boys running around in their underoos." And then, scroll down..."I know her!!" So hey there! Glad to see your cute blog! Glad I happened upon you as I stalked. :) Hope you don't mind if I add you to my list.


jomama said...

OF COURSE i don't mind! so happy to see you here. is your family blog private? if so, i want an invite, ok? hugs, jo