Monday, June 06, 2011

the dance

millie on stage
(my pictures never look right on blogger. does anyone know how to fix this?)
sometimes, when i forget how lucky i am to be a mom, i feel like motherhood is a series of breaking up arguments, soothing away tears, diffusing tense situations, and disciplining when things have gotten out of hand. sometimes it seems as though there aren't a lot of heart-swelling-with-joy moments, even though i know there are. i got to have one of those moments on saturday.
millie has been taking ballet for the last year, and saturday was her first performance. when i first talked to her about performing, back when she started to take ballet, she said she didn't want to. she said she wanted to take classes but she didn't want to get up in front of people on stage. i signed her up for class anyway, thinking she would be fine with it as time went on and she became more confident.
for two weeks before the performance, millie was telling me how nervous she was and that it was giving her a stomachache. i was worried that she would put up a fight and that it might come down to me saying, "you have to do this." but she kept going to practice, and rehearsal, and dress rehearsal, and she kept telling me how nervous she was, but she kept going. on saturday we were at the auditorium for three hours before the performance even started. i took lots of pictures and video of the run-through and i talked to millie before she went backstage. she seemed excited and not nervous at all.
when her part of the performance started i had planned on taking a lot of pictures, but i decided to put my camera down. i just stared at her like i was witnessing a miracle. anyone who knows my millie knows that she is usually very quiet, even shy. but on stage her smile was bursting from her face and she performed like it was the most natural, easy thing on earth. i found myself getting all teary at the sight of her, soaring on that stage, doing something that she thought would be too hard for her to do.
is there any prouder moment for a parent than being witness to your child excelling at something they were afraid of? there might be, but right now i can't think of any. :)


Jodi said...

so precious! She really is amazingly beautiful inside and out

Frances said...

Great story! Beautiful girl!

traveltwin said...

i was swelling too! maybe it is because i was there when she was born, but i was also getting teary eyed. not to take away from your moment. just want to identify with you. j. got up and sang at his preschool graduation last month and it was one of those moments. i think teaching your kids that they can do hard things is one of the most important lessons they can learn in life.

Nat said...

She is just so, so cute! I love that girl.

mypage page said...

She is so so cute , God bless her. I wish can gift her something