Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving back

well, it's thanksgiving day already down under. of course, no one knows that here. yeah, yeah, i know it's an american holiday and everything, but it's a great one! they really should start celebrating it down here.

my whole family (and it's a huge family) is getting together this year, and we aussies are the only ones who can't come. so while i'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself, i thought i would practice our family thanksgiving tradition and say a few things that i'm thankful for.

i'm grateful for my great family, my supportive husband, beautiful and thriving kids, and extended family that are loving and thoughtful.

i'm grateful for good health (especially after a recent unexpected medical event), and i'm also very thankful for anaesthesia.

i'm grateful to a Father in Heaven who hears and answers my prayers and is patient with me despite the fact that i make silly mistakes over and over.

happy thanksgiving to everyone, and enjoy that turkey! it's expensive down here!


jomama said...

i miss you n, and i hope you had a great thanksgiving day! unfortunately you weren't the only one to miss the big family get-together. m. got really violently ill (she threw up 11 times!) and we stayed home. but we might go down tomorrow.
anyway, i'm grateful for you.

traveltwin said...

i miss you too, jo! so sorry that you missed out on the family t-day too. i hope m. is doing better now. poor thing. and i hope you get to go eventually.