Wednesday, August 26, 2009


sweet m. started first grade on monday. when the bus dropped her back home that afternoon she said, "i don't like being at school all day. i had a headache, and a stomachache." she told me everything that happened and it sounded like there was some good in there too, but she was NOT looking forward to school day #2. for a brief moment visions of homeschooling flashed in my brain. and then i told her that she would get used to it, and tomorrow would be better, and all those things that i thought moms should say to make situations like this better.

flash forward to day 2:
sweet m. gets home and sits down to take off her jacket and shoes and socks. she starts telling me about her day.

she makes funny faces at me (and models some of the hello kitty swag i got her from the dollar bin at target.)
she gets fake-mad at me for taking so many pictures.
she tells me long, complicated stories about who she played with at recess and how her teacher gave her the "big poster" for being good.
sweet m. is so happy. and all is right with my world again.


Layton Mom said...

I'm so glad she is having a good time. I was really sad that she and Princess weren't in the same class again. I guess I will have to be better about having her over to play. :)

CharityMay said...

so happy her second day was better. i remember being that age and how important every little detail was. she's a cute girl with awesome style, i think she will do just fine!

Frances said...

That was a close one. I'm terrified of the idea of home schooling now. Luckily I don't have to think of it till next fall.

sarahels said...

I love sweet M and I hope she enjoys school!
P.S. She is the coolest with her Hello Kitty swag!

Nat said...

Oh, she's just so dang cute! I'm glad her second day was better than her first. Jakob yesterday was all, "I'm tired of going to school." I'm like, "You have to go to school for 12 more years, and then some more if you want to make money as an adult. Get used to it." I'm such a soother that way.