Saturday, September 05, 2009

flip flop flim flam

the hubs and his family have purchased a house to flip. boy, is it in need of some t.l.c. but we can  see the potential:
the porch that was closed in will be turned back into a real porch. the fake ugly stone will be gone. hooray.

a whole new kitchen please. thank you.

look at this beauty of a front door! imagine it all sanded down and re-finished! (or if i can persuade everyone, maybe we could paint it some delightful hue.)

please don't gag when you see the only part of the bathroom i could safely show you:

whaddya think? imagine with me restored hard wood floors, repainted moldings and original doors, maybe some nice historically accurate subway tiles in the bathroom? it's going to be nice, right? right?


CharityMay said...

i dream of having a project like this someday! when my kids have grown and gone, i would loooove to fix up and move into a little house like this, i love the all the character and little details they have. i can't wait to see the progress!

Janae said...

That looks like fun...seriously! I have always wanted to do that.

Cindy said...

WoW!!! That is cool!!!