Monday, May 26, 2008

my selfish little "i want i want i want" wish list

so i know it's selfish, but there are a few things that have been on my big purchase, wish-i-had-'em-list for a long time now (we're talking years in some cases). here's a look into my wanting:
a new bike with a retro vibe. my current bike could probably be considered retro since i got it for christmas when i was about 11. but there's something kind of wonky about one of the wheels, and let's face it, it just doesn't ride like it used to. plus, i'd love to take my kids on bike rides on something that looked like this.
a nikon d40. this one, i know, is a major not-necessity, and so expensive, but oh, how i want one! they take such beautiful pictures, and really, when you consider what i'm taking pictures of most of the time (my kiddies) then it's impossible to have too nice of a camera, right? i mean, right??
a piano. about this, i am not going to be picky. any old piano will do, as long as the keys are all there and it stays in tune relatively well. let me just say that i took piano lessons for years, maybe 8 years, of my adolescent life (and organ lessons for a summer.) without a piano to look at and pound on and practice "clair de lune" on, i must say, there's a bit of a hole in my heart.
aaahhh. a sewing machine. sometimes i wonder how much of this desire is based in fantasy and how much in reality. i do know how to sew, and i have all these fantasies of creating beautiful sundresses for m. out of awesome vintage fabrics. but in all truth, i wonder how much i'd really use it...i want to say "ALL THE TIME!" but this is one of those, wouldn't know until you try kind of things, i'm thinkin'.


Katherine said...

If you ever start looking for a sewing machine, Brady's is the place to go. They have a great service plan and you get unlimited free lessons on your machine. They have S M that start at Walmart prices too, but they are way better. : )

traveltwin said...

your wish list rocks, sis. and let me just say, i'm totally on board with the camera idea. maybe we could go halves and share it, me 6 months, you 6 months. now i'm dreaming.

D'Arcy said...

I love it! I am going to be investing in a bike (dig yours, may steal it) and a new nikon soon. My D70 is a great camera though, and when I upgrade, I'll give you a great deal! I have taken amazing pictures with that camera, so let me know!

I also want the sewing machine...and wished I played the piano!

By the wya, the concert got totally rained out and was all horrific and I went and waited in line for two hours, they didn't let us in, I was miserable and I just gave up and went home! So, you didn't miss anything friend! And there are so many more concerts to see this summer!

We'll plan another one when you are feeling up to it!

love you!!!

jomama said...

ooooh, am very interested in your much were you thinking?
and i'm so sorry about the concert. i mean i'm bummed that it was so lame for you. but you are totally right, we will go to another one, this summer! you're the one in the know, anyone really awesome coming to town?