Monday, June 02, 2008

a time for haircuts

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it seems that pretty much every little girl i've seen in our neighborhood has long hair. many of them have moms who take the time to fix their hair in pretty braids, piggy tails, curls, and lots of other creative fabulous up-dos. we usually let millie run around with her hair not fixed. this is for a few reasons. 1) when it comes to her hair, i'm kinda lazy. 2) she HATES to have her hair combed. i mean HATES it. this goes beyond the normal ouchies that most little girls give out when having their hair combed, this is like full-on crying and wincing EVERY TIME i go to comb her hair. 3) unlike most little girly-girls (and m. is VERY girly,) m. doesn't usually want to have her hair up.
so this weekend we came to a decision: it wouldn't be so bad if we cut her hair quite short. even though all her friends have long hair. even though it seems to be quite unpopular for little girls her age. and let me tell you, we are SO HAPPY with this haircut! she can comb it out herself, it looks cute without doing anything to it, and it really suits her cute heart-shaped face. and it's going to be a great 'do for the summer ! hooray for short hair!


sarahels said...

I love M's short hair. She looks so precious! Give her a hug and a kiss from me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jo, M's hair is darling. Wish Jake would let me do that to my girls! Kyra is impossible so many days that I don't do anything, and then when I go out I feel like people look at us and think,"what is that Mom's problem? Fix your kid's hair!" So I make her suffer through it! But short hair cuts are so chic. I love it! We miss you! Hope to see you soon!

jomama said...

thanks, sarah! i'll do that.
becky, whenever i see kyra i think her hair's so cute, it puts me to shame.
thanks for checking on the blog, i've tried to check yours but it won't let me on anymore! boo-hoo!

Jennie Stephens said...

Oh my goodness, She looks JUST like you!!! Just stopped by to say hello!
Jennie Brown-Stephens

Jennie Stephens said...

go for it! I love blog visitors!!

Katherine said...

Sounds a lot like me. It's super cute. We really should get together. Want to come over for lunch next week?

jomama said...

definitely! let's do it!