Thursday, September 25, 2008

happy birthday, lovely nene.

of course this is a christmas picture, and not one of us on our birthday, but i don't have any of us together on our birthday scanned into the computer. this is nene and me on a christmas morning, mid-eighties, ('86? '87?) oh so many moons ago.
back then (or even just a few years ago) i never could've imagined spending a birthday apart. now that our lives have changed and we live in our happy little homes in two different hemispheres, i'm glad that you have such a wonderful family down under to take care of you and have fun with on your birthday. but i'm selfishly so sad that we aren't together on our special day.
here are some birthdays from olden times that i remember:
1. our first surprise party, when we had no idea and the shock was so great, and there were kids from church and kids from school, and we got so many presents that i thought i was going to burst with excitement.
2. our seventh (i think seventh) birthday, when mom and dad took us to disneyland (our first time, and my only time!) and you had just recovered from the chicken pox but were still covered with scabs, and people must've looked at us strangely but we were having too much fun to care!
3. that party we had in high school, when we were juniors or seniors (my memory's bad) and so many kids came, (even some of the cool kids) and everyone had a really good time, and then the cops showed up because our neighbors had seen some kids in the front yard holding plastic cups (that really had punch in them) and thought we were drinking or something. that was freaky. and cool.
4. in college when pretty much the entire apartment complex threw us (and brentar) a party and there was music and tons of people and you gave me that cd you made for me (the first mix cd i ever got) and it was so amazing that i played it over and over and over and seriously, to this day, it's one of the best presents i ever got.

i love you, big sis. even though our birthday is hardly on the same day anymore (blast the time difference!) i will always think of it as our birthday and never as my birthday. and i can't wait till the one we get to spend together again. (let's throw a big party!)


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to the both of you!

traveltwin said...

thanks so much for this beautiful message. i was remembering the chicken pox at disneyland thing too. also the year at chuck e. cheese, and that time we got our presents in the morning and one was that lite brite thingy. we'll be together on our birthday again soon!

jomama said...

your memory is so much better than mine! wow!

D'Arcy said...

I remember that birthday that you had when you were both wearing Rainbow Bright t-shirts and your birthday cake had rainbow sprinkles and it was the best themed birthday party ever.

ok, I made that up.

But I SO wanted to be in on all the memories because i could see them so clearly!!!

You guys had cops bust up a party? It reminds me of the GG scene when Jess and Dean fight and then the next morning Lorelai takes Rory to get her backpack and discovers the cops came because two boys were fighting over Rory.

She looks at Rory and starts singing "Did you ever know that you're my hero..." and Rory runs away down the street with Lorelai chasing her and singing ....ok, that was totally a long explanation, but my sister and I reenact that part ALL the time..

and I would reenact it now if we were all together!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've got one! Remember when your sweet wonderful parents got all our friends to write cards about how fabulous you are? They sent them to me and had me hang them up to suprise you when you woke up? That was great! Happy Birthday!!

jomama said...

oh my gosh, erin, i had forgotten about that one! thanks for reminding me. that was such a great surprise. thanks for the part you played in it!