Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a song to make you happy.

so i've loved the shins these long years, that's no news story. and then when their latest album "wincing the night away" came out, i was really predisposed to like the song "australia," what with having the ties with australia that i am blessed to have. but then i heard the song, and it was bouncy and happy, and i really liked the music. and then i listened to the lyrics, and they were really good. then yesterday i stumbled upon this video. and what can i say, it makes me happy! i hope it does the same for you.


Jim said...

I was all excited to check this out, but I get a "sorry, this video is no longer available...."

I'll try later. I could use some happy!

jomama said...

ooh, i'm sorry, i hope it works later! if not, go to youtube and type in the shins and australia. i think it's the first video to pop up. hope you like it!

traveltwin said...

oh, jo, i have to tell you . . . i just sat here and watched this with j. i think he loved it as much as i did! he kept saying, "ba-ooons!" thanks for sharing the happy. i hope you get to see some happy too, jim!

Cindy said...

Really cool Jo!!!

D'Arcy said...

jo--you already know I love this song because we are music twins (ok, I just want to be a twin today for some reason---it's like it's own secret world!)

but i hadn't seen the video, thanks for sharing.

I dig Australia. I can't wait to see it one day!

Have you been Jo?

jomama said...

i'm glad everyone enjoyed the video (especially j.!)
i HAVE been to australia, only once. 2 years ago. i was prego's with little c. but hadn't found out yet. it was awesome! you definitely have to go (and i'll go with you and hit all the places i missed! i only went to melbourne so we can go to sydney, uluru, and the great barrier reef!)