Monday, September 22, 2008

saturday at the show

saturday was our second year at the royal melbourne show (for americans, that's like a state fair). it was fantastic! j. enjoyed everything more now that he is nearly two, and we took him on some of the kiddie rides. we also had a good time eating chocolate from our cadbury showbag! here's some pics of the fun:

and yes, i managed to pick the only one-eared horse for j. to ride on.

the little lamb loved nibbling j's fingers. he didn't let it bother him though.


Natalee said...

what a cute kid! love the one eared horse. keep the photos comin'!

Cindy said...

Sweet picture of him and the lamb.:)

jomama said...

OH MY WORD. he looks so old! even older in these pics than he did on the webcam the other night, somehow. i love what you said about the one-eared horse and i love that he didn't mind the lamb nibbling his fingers. somehow i think that would've freaked sweet m. out of her mind! but maybe not lil c... anyway, i love these pictures and can't wait to see more!

traveltwin said...

thanks for saying my kid is cute! i'm glad to share his good-looking-ness with everyone i can. i'll try to post more pics soon.