Thursday, March 26, 2009

go to sleepy little babe

so i know i have been very remiss in introducing blogland to nene's latest great achievement. as you may know we don't say our kiddies names here, so for now we will be calling this sweetie "baby s." i know, not very unique, but we'll see what we come up with later. i can tell you that i have the honor of her being named after me! (middle name.) isn't that sweet? i feel so honored and so undeserving.
anyway, she's now almost a month old! can't believe it! isn't she beautiful in pink, with her gorgeous dark hair?

here is a short playlist of songs for baby s. some are lullabies, some are cute little ditties, and heck, some just have "baby" in the title.

sea of love -cat power
leo & luna -mark kozelek
firefly -don peris
slumber my darling -alison krauss, edgar meyer, mark o'connor & yo-yo ma
asleep on a sunbeam -belle & sebastian
birds and ships -billy bragg and wilco
little eyes -yo la tengo
if i needed you -townes van zandt
sweet child o' mine -taken by trees
gentle moon -sun kil moon
eyes of green, green, green -gorky's zygotic mynci
little flowers -denison witmer
baby i'm yours -arctic monkeys
** click on the song title to hear the track**
p.s. if any of the links don't work please let me know!

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Jim said...

What an adorable picture!