Monday, March 16, 2009

now, voyager

i've always been interested in transformations: makeover shows, movies about people who drastically change their lives, etc. 
if you ever get a chance, watch this movie with bette davis

she plays a woman who is sad, who feels locked in by her life, who still lives with her controlling mother and has some kind of nervous condition. a friendly psychiatrist treats her kindly and helps her to change her life. when he's getting ready to send her off on her own and she's nervous, he reads some lines from a walt whitman poem to her.
"The untold want by life and land ne'er granted,
Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find."

those are lines that i keep coming back to in my own life. they run through my head now and then. i feel lost and stuck sometimes, and i have to remind myself that i'm the only one who can get myself unstuck, and that now is the time to do it. now, voyager.

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Jim said...

I like this comment Jo. I know I so often stay in my comfort zone, but there's no progress there. This is a good reminder for me to exercise faith and to do especially those things that are challenging for me.