Sunday, March 08, 2009

northern exposure favorite moments, pt. 1

hi everyone. sorry for the long absence. another computer crash and some never-say-die stomach bugs are to blame. it went around the whole family, more than once.

northern exposure was my very favorite tv show when i was in high school. i don't think i ever even saw it in its prime time slot, just in reruns. but there was something about it that just stirred my soul, y'know? i wanted to marry chris when i grew up, and listening to his philosophizing made me want to read more and get smarter.
i don't know if i would like the show as much now. i've been out of high school for eleven years now and i'm a lot more cynical and a lot more demanding in what i'm willing to call good t.v. but here is a moment from northern exposure that i still think is really wonderful, and reminds me why i loved this show in the first place. yes it's cheesy, and yes there is an enya song playing (double cheese!) but it's lovely.

what t.v. shows have been influential in your life?

p.s. nene had her baby on monday, march 2. but i'll let her tell you all about it! i can tell you mom and baby girl s. are both doing well, and our parents are down under for a month to help her adjust.


Lisa said...

Welcome back! Sorry your family got hit by the sickness bus...blah! Hate that. And more computer crashings! SHRIEK! Scouring my brain for any favorite shows growing up...I can't think of a single influential one! I do know I spent my fair share in front of the tube, but watching what? ANYWAY, welcome back and can't wait to see the new babe! Congrats Jeanene!

Cindy said...

Glad to here from ya! I was wondering how you were. Sorry about the bug too.
I was also wondering how Jeanene was doing with all the fires down there. Congrats to her on the baby. :)