Tuesday, January 26, 2010

cheap valentine's crafts and decorations

i la-la LOVE valentine's day. maybe it's because i love red so much, i don't know. i love the decorations, the treats, i love it all. i think my fondness also stems from the idea of giving heartfelt usually homemade gifts to each other.
this year i want valentine's day to be extra fun, but i don't want to spend a lot of money decorating and preparing for it. here are some of the decorations and treats and crafts we've done so far and more that we plan on trying later.
i got some cheap heart doilies at the grocery store and strung red and white baker's twine through the holes. just a few of them together created a cute little garland for the front window.

a fun thing to do with the kids is these crayon/wax paper hearts. ours didn't turn out as planned but we still love them. there's a great tutorial for this on martha stewart.

another cheap decoration i put up is a garland made out of simple white doilies. i just folded them in half with some glue around some pretty white and red ribbon.

i have tons of cute red and pink and white cupcake liners left over from sweet m.'s birthday party, and with those i'm planning on making these cupcakes, also seen on martha stewart.

some other treats we might try are these brownies and these jello treats, both from family fun magazine.

p.s. in looking these up, i've found so many other cute crafts and treats. i think i'll do another valentine's post tomorrow!


Janae said...

I just noticed your hearts in the window yesterday when I drove past your house. I thought they were darling.

Nat said...

You're just so crafty! I love it! I was going to have my kids help me make something (who knows what) for my front window. I have snowflakes up right now; definitely time for something different!

the mama monster said...

cute cute! i am totally in a garland phase right now. i just made the scalloped ones from sweet jessie. i love the doily idea, and i know that my dollar store has doilies!

Anna said...

WOW! Look how creative you are! How fun!