Saturday, January 23, 2010

sprucing up project: update

so here are the changes that we've made to the dining area so far. the vibe i was going for was cheerful, vintage, and colorful. let me just say that i did go over budget a wee bit, but i made sure that there was room in other parts of the budget to make up for it.

here it is all together:

one of the details i really love: the curtain tiebacks that look like vintage painted glass doorknobs.

i took this one so you could see our little organization area over by the door. the red clock is metal and opens like a locker door. we put our keys and stuff in there. and the basket is for mail and bills that we need to deal with.

as you can see, the plate wall is still the same, although we have a few more plates to hang up;i'd also like to find some nice things to put on the sideboard.

this area is newly arranged although everything there is old. the "keep calm" poster we've had for a year or more, and i always knew i wanted it in this corner. i just wanted to have some other stuff to put with it. the painting to its left is something i love because it was done by my twin sister when she was very young, (how old, nene, 13 of 14?) and i like the cheerful colors it brings to the kitchen/dining area. the "w" is a few years old and i think i'm going to paint it differently, but i like it in this area of the room.

and guess who snuck behind the curtains while i was taking pictures?

so that's it for now! eventually i'd like to paint the whole dining/kitchen/living area, and maybe get some new chairs, but i must say i'm very happy with it in the meantime.


Arin said...

It definitely has a cheery vibe going for it. I like it a lot. Very nicely done!

Nat said...

LOVE it. I wish I had a fraction of your taste and style.

D'Arcy said...

love. it. plain. and. simple.

CharityMay said...

love, love, love it!
jealous though...
i may start sprucing too!

traveltwin said...

sooooooooo awesome. where did you get the curtain tieback thingys? they are seriously the coolest thing i have ever seen and when i saw your pic of them i totally gasped. yes, i am being dramatic. oh, and who was the artist on that still life piece? just lovely. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love your style. I've been looking for inspiration for my own kitchen and need to know where you got those curtains?? Did you get the letters from Anthropologie? thanks for sharing!!!

jomama said...

thanks for the kind comments, everyone!
the curtains are from urban outfitters. they were on sale, so i hope they're still there. the letters are from anthropologie a year or two ago.
thanks for visiting!

the mama monster said...

hi there. not sure how i found your blog but i just have to tell you i love it. i have those same curtains in my cart on uo but i keep putting off buying them, not exactly the right colors but i am determined to make them work after seeing them here.

jomama said...

thanks, mama monster! don't be a stranger :)

Cindy said...

Love it!! Well done!!