Wednesday, January 06, 2010

the sprucing up project: dining room (area)

one of my new year's projects is to "spruce up" my house, one room at a time, one room per month. oh, and my budget is $50 per month, so no major changes this time around! just a good spruce: a deep cleaning, an organizational overhaul, and maybe a couple of new decorations if possible.
so this month i'm starting with the dining room, which is technically a dining area. i've already done a couple of things with this room, the EAT letters and the plate wall, but i wanted it to look more finished and i needed some kind of organizing system in place since this is where we come in from the garage (through the laundry room.) the other MAJOR need in this room is curtains for the sliding glass door area, which used to have vertical blinds covering it, but they have since broken (and let's face it, they didn't look great in the first place.)
i also wanted to have a little area for art prints, etc. so i'm thinking i'll need a picture frame or two.

here are the before pictures:

next week i think i'll post some inspiration pictures from magazines and blogs that i'd like to incorporate into this space. and sorry if this is extremely boring i'm just doing it for myself, to have it all recorded.
but it would be helpful if anyone has any insider tips or special sources for super cheap home decor stuff! thanks!


CharityMay said...

an idea for your sliding glass door - home fabrics on 17th has some good fabrics at good prices. i just have some tab-top panels covering ours ( i didn't make them but i made most of the other curtains in our house)
i hate blinds. not a single one in our house. if we ever get rich enough, i told hubs he could replace all the windows with those ones that have blinds inside the glass... :)

if you don't sew, i would be glad to help you out!

Nat said...

Wow, I like it as is! But that's a good idea, sprucing up one room at a time. I should really do that, too. And since I have, like, negative decorating style, I got nothin'. I can't wait to see the "after" pictures!

jomama said...

charity, thanks for your offer to help! and i do know how to sew but i don't have a sewing machine :( bummer, huh? so i might be taking you up on your offer.
nat, thanks! i hope the after pictures are an improvement!

D'Arcy said...

I love your tastes and styles so much! I can't wait to see what you bring to this room. I'm getting super excited to decorate a new Portuguese bungalow and have you come for a visit!

Frances said...

I love the plate wall!