Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter weekend, part one

our easter weekend was delightful and highly productive. we decided to head down to my parents' house because sweet m. had monday off of school and we hadn't seen my mom and pops for a good bit of time while they were down under helping nene with her babe.
so off we went! on saturday we had a lovely dinner with lots of family about, complete with lots of chatting afterwards. (my oldest brother is a huge lost fan like myself and we had a great time analyzing the show.) sunday was more quiet, with just the kiddies and the grandparents; the kids got their baskets before church and we had an indoor easter egg hunt after. (the ground was kind of muddy and not conducive to little children in their easter best running amuck.)

my parents have the most lovely magnolia tree in their front yard. i got a little camera happy with it.

my older brother is a sweetie with kids. little c. loves playing with him!

little c. had just woken up when we had the easter egg hunt. when we told him to go find his eggs he started crying! but luckily when he found the candy inside he perked right up.

sweet m. loved her hello kitty easter basket from last year so much that she played with it all year long and wanted to use it again this easter! i was happy to oblige!

*tomorrow: part 2 of our riveting saga...

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Lisa said...

Your kids are so cute. I love the "just woke up" look :)...too precious. Also, loving those shots of the magnolia tree. You are an ARTEEST!