Wednesday, April 15, 2009

easter weekend, part two

so here's the productive part of the weekend. (sorry i didn't get it posted yesterday; internet problems. actually it'll be a miracle if this post works!)
after looking unsuccessfully all over our relatively small town for a sofa, we decided to look in a larger metropolis to see if we could find what we were looking for (all right, i'll admit it. i'm extremely picky when it comes to interior design, especially couches.) we finally ended up at ikea, where we weren't expecting to find a couch but had a few other items to attend to: bookshelves, curtains, side table.
we had looked for a couch at ikea before and had been less than enthusiastic about their options. but this time they had a new design that we ended up getting! it's not exactly what i had wanted, but it has the basics: good lines, sturdy frame, removable cushion covers that can be dry cleaned, a modern and clean look.

sweet m. saw me taking pictures and wanted to model. isn't she cute?
anyway, now there is only painting, picture-hanging, reorganizing furniture, and a few other minor details to attend to. i'm excited that our front room is FINALLY coming together!

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Nat said...

I want new couches SOOO badly! And I've heard Ikea is the best store in the universe; we definitely need one here!

Sweet M is the cutest girl; Pete thinks Jakob has a crush on her and teases him about it all the time.