Sunday, April 19, 2009

to my not-so-little-anymore c.

so, you've been two for a while now. the last couple months you've finally started sharing your thoughts with us verbally, and it's been so much fun. i knew you would start talking when you wanted/needed to, and you did!
i love it when you say, "knock knock" and when i say, "who's there?" you just say "knock knock" again.
i love it that when you see the scab on my knee you say, "kiss?" and then you kiss my knee to make it better. and when we were reading tonight, and you saw a picture of a girl with a frown, you said, "sad?" and then you gave her a kiss, too.
you love having books read to you. you love to go outside whenever anyone will take you. you love "yo gabba gabba." you love mandarin oranges (and especially the juicy syrup they come in.) you love toast for breakfast. you still love snuggling with me in the morning and you better bet that i'm going to encourage that for as long as i can.
i love you little man!


Lisa said...

Such an innocent little photo.

Nat said...

Such a wonderful little tribute! I love it when kids discover feelings.

sarahels said...

I love this post! I love Charlie!! Thanks for sharing all of the sweet things he does since I don't get to see you guys nearly enough and I live so close!! Today was an awesome day, and that post was the icing on the cake, it was so sweet!! I love you Jo!

traveltwin said...

wow, how sensationally cute is he! i can't believe how much he's grown. haven't seen a pic of him in TOO long. how lucky are you that he'll still give you cuddles in the morning. soooo lucky!

Cindy said...

I love cuddles from my sons. There is something special between a mom and her son. :)