Wednesday, April 08, 2009

no blue sky

today is a grey, windy day. i woke up sad. do you ever have a day like that? sad for no reason kind of days? it definitely makes me feel like listening to the weepies.

especially this song, "can't go back now" from their album hideaway. it's a little sappy, but for some reason it really works for me. especially today.
anyway, i l like the song better than the video, but the video is extremely cute:


Nat said...

I was happy to wake up to rain; I much prefer that to waking up to snow!

jomama said...

i love the rain! it wasn't really that making me sad. i was just sad for no reason, y'know? but i hear you, i'm so over the snow!

Anonymous said...

good song. makes me feel very subdued. I kind of provides an outlet for those feelings.