Friday, May 29, 2009

great new albums

au revoir simone's new album, "still night, still light" is my favorite of theirs yet. if you like soft sweet female vocals mixed with some great electronica beats, you'll like them.

i love grizzly bear's music. they have such a great sound. i love how innovative they are without being too intimidating. and anything that even faintly reminds me of the beach boys is ok in my book!
suggested track: two weeks. (listen for free on their myspace page.)

and now the best of all the game. i've seriously fallen in love with fanfarlo. seriously. i heard about them on npr's all songs considered podcast, on which they played "the walls are coming down" from the new album reservoir. on a hunch i went to itunes and downloaded the entire album (only 5.99 for the entire thing!) and i am so happy i did. every song is amazing. the more i listen the more i love, which to me is the hallmark of a truly great band.

what are you listening to lately? do share!

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CharityMay said...

i wish i knew how you keep up with all this fablous stuff!
i reeeeally love adaline. she's out of vancouver, i found out about her from a few of my friends who still live in canada. she has been getting a lot of recognition in canada lately, i'm so glad.
you can check her out on
some of my faves:
we've got something
find my way

also: the painted birds. i went to high school with shawn and dom and they are finally getting off the ground, too.
i'm in love with 'when i hear your name'

thanks for sharing!