Wednesday, May 20, 2009

kid style

{twirling with the eyes closed}

do you remember what your style was like as a kid? was it something you ever thought about? what about your kids now, if you have kids?
i remember in fourth grade there was this new girl that moved in mid-year. she had clothes that i thought were so pretty, long blond hair that was always perfectly fixed, and these shoes that i really coveted, they had zippers. my style was more like sweet m.'s is now. kind of weird stuff put together, hair simply down or pulled back in a bumpy ponytail with lots of strands loose, and maybe the odd piece of kid jewelry. definitely lots of friendship bracelets. there was a certain point where i had so many they were about half way up my forearm! i thought they were so cool!
with sweet m. i usually try really hard to let her do her own thing, even when i think it turns out really crazy. the other day she wore a pink shirt with tiny hearts printed all over it, this checked skirt, and leggings with hearts printed on them. to complete the ensemble she chose her white slip-on shoes that have different color stars everywhere. pattern on top of pattern on top of pattern! but that's fun, right? right?
how much guidance do you give your kids in what they wear? do you pick out the outfits but let them choose which day to wear them?
just wondering. :)


Victoria said...

I like your little one's style too! And you sound like a good mom! My girls are older now, 15 and 20, but when they were little I tried to let them do there own thing as long as it wasn't unhealthy for them, (I had a friend who would let her little one wear flip flops in the snow if she wanted... I wasn't that laid back.) One of my favorite memories was letting my girls paint their faces, and it usually was just blobs of color ever where. One day my oldest wanted to wear her painted face to school... she was covered in black and purple. When we got to school we found out it was picture day. I asked if she wanted to wash it off or keep it on, and she wanted to keep it on, so I let her. It was a great photo!

Nat said...

My kids mostly have just jeans and t-shirts, so there's not much mismatching going on over here. Girls, on the other hand, YIKES! So many patterns and different colors and even different SHADES of colors...

I let my kids pick out whatever. I think though, growing up, it would have been nice for my mom to intervene in some of my outfit choices, like how I would wear the same sweatshirt days and days in a row, or how I would tuck sweaters into my pants....yeah, good times.

Kluane said...

I usually give my boys two choices, once again with boys there is not too much to worry about. But, I make sure that I am ok with both options. And now that Connor is completely potty trained (meaning he doesn't need me right there watching him every time he has to pee) he frequently has his pants on backwards, hey at least he can get them back on.

I think it is adorable when little girls dress them self, you can see their personalities blooming.

D'Arcy said...

You can NEVER go wrong with Hello Kitty things!

My older sister was the fashion diva, always putting things together in such a way that Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink would have envied.

I coveted her clothes and style.

I tried to copy it, and she helped. I was big into ESPRIT, remember that? That and the Gap were THE places that I loved to shop, but money didn't allow for them very often.

Layton Mom said...

I wish I could just let my kids pick what they wear. I just can't bring myself to do it. I do try to pick things that are pretty fool proof so that even a blind man could dress them however if I let my hubby dress them sometimes they look pretty interesting.