Saturday, May 16, 2009

you and i

today, may 16th, nate and i have been married for seven years. this is our favorite engagement picture--  the one we keep on our wall to remind us that we were once blissfully, can't-keep-hands-off-each-other, enchantedly in love with each other. 
of course seven years, two kids, and tons of problems later, we are different people. and we love each other differently now. neither one of us could've guessed that the shadow of depression was already falling over our lives, or how that would affect the next seven years. it's been a tremendous seven years, full of many hard, hard times, and i'm glad that he stuck with me.

i guess jeff tweedy kind of summed up the way i feel about how we stand now,

you and i, we might be strangers
however close we get sometimes
it's like we never met.
but you and i, i think we can take it
all the good with the bad,
make something that no one else has
but you and i

from song "you and i" on the new wilco album

happy anniversary, honey. however hard it's been, i'm glad you chose me and i chose you on that day. i can't imagine a better father for my kids, or a more patient and hardworking husband. and let's face it, sometimes you just crack me up. let's keep choosing each other, ok?


D'Arcy said...

congratulations you two.

Frances said...

That is such a great picture and I hear ya! I think it is a matter of sticking through the hard times and when we come out on the other side it can be better than ever. Congratulations!

Nat said...

I love that picture! Pete and I will have our 7 year anniversary in about a month! Crazy how time flies, and how much we can go through in so LITTLE amount of time, too. Congrats!

Akshay Lakhiani said...

Hey nice blog :) You should check out my blog sometime. I think you'll like it.

Cindy said...

Congratulations!! I once worked for an elderly couple that had been married 72 years. I remember her saying how in her day people got married for life and you just stuck it out no matter what. A promise is a promise. :)

Ashley Thalman said...

I think we should be friends. Want to?
I have problems. And love Wilco. And take pics......

Glad you found my blog and left a comment so that I could find yours.