Tuesday, September 08, 2009

i'll see you at home

this is one determined young man. and yes, that corn dog is roughly the size of his head. this was taken at the state fair on monday.

i was thinking about what to write about our experience at the fair, and what pictures to put along with the post. (the only pictures i got were of the kids eating their corn dogs.) i thought about all the fun little day trips we've taken with the kids this summer, sometimes impromptu and sometimes an outline of a plan in place.  each trip has had its own unexpected turn, its own small adventure, with some good music and snacks thrown in.
but other than that all of them have had something else in common. no matter how much fun we had i was always excited to get home.
when we reached the point in each trip where someone said, "let's go home," or "it's time to head home," i felt a little thrill of happiness.
i have a home.
and it's with these people.

how lucky can one girl be?

dorothy was so right. i'm going to print out that line and cross-stitch it or something. and then frame it. there really is no place like home.


sarahels said...

I love that picture of C and M. I love C's cheesy grin and M's sweet face. I miss you guys terribly and I want to see you soon. Ok?

Frances said...

You are one lucky girl and you do have a beautiful family. Isn't it nice to feel like that? I wish it was every day but then I guess it wouldn't feel as good.

traveltwin said...

deep blue something? right? you rock and i love the way you write.