Wednesday, September 30, 2009

let the wild rumpus begin!

i don't know if any of you are as ecstatically crazy to see where the wild things are as i am, but just in case you are, here's some stuff for you:
you can watch the awesome official trailer here (complete with one of my favorite songs by the arcade fire.)
you can listen to the entire (fabulous) soundtrack here
paste magazine did a great article about the movie version, the book version, and maurice sendak that you can read here.
there's a blog devoted to all things "wild" called "we love you so" here.

* p.s. the movie opens october 16th, in case you were wondering.


Nat said...

I love reading that book to my kids. We'll definitely have to go see that movie!

CharityMay said...

love, love, love it!
the book was the theme for nick's 1st birthday party, and i still have the huge drawing of the wild things i made for him up on his closet door (we used it for 'pin the tail on the wild thing). i have to take my boys to a matinee, probably on opening day - i just hope they love it as much as i do.

Kluane said...

The movie looks amazing. I hope my kids are as excited to see it as I am.

Erynn Marie said...

Hey Joanne, I got your email, but I'm in China (yes, China) now and usually can't get onto blogger (because it's blocked here). (Today I'm using some sneaky software.) And since I didn't have your email address, I couldn't get back in touch with you! I'd love to catch up--email me at