Tuesday, March 30, 2010

down with the shine

last night i was watching the avett brothers tiny desk concert at npr on youtube. they are amazing performers. the second song they did (which is so new it's not on any of their albums, DARN!) is called "down with the shine."

down with the shine, the perfect shine
that poisons the well and ruins my mind
i get took for a ride every time
down with the glistening shine.

can i just say wow. this song really struck me, i mean it flat-out banged me over the head. i LOVE those lyrics. how often do i get distracted and caught up with things because they're shiny? and anyway "the perfect shine" is just an allusion, right? that makes my own life look less wonderful in comparison and makes me want more than what i have. that is poisonous, indeed. isn't "the shine" what makes me think that if i only had this new thingy or if i was only like her, i'd be happy. it's not even usually a conscious thing, but still "i get took for a ride every time."
i love the idea of a revolution, and instead of people shouting, "down with the czar!" or "down with the government!" they'd say "down with the shine!"
if you want to watch it go here, "down with the shine" starts at 7:23. or watch the whole video, because it's all great!

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Stella said...

I shall help with the revolution. I am not married yet because I am trying to figure out how to marry the Avett brothers...that's right...ALL of 'em