Friday, March 12, 2010

this too shall pass in the sun

there are two videos that have come out lately that i have watched repeatedly (mostly because the kids are like, "again! again!") one is ok go's new video for their song "this too shall pass." this video is definitely an amazing feat. it's shot in one long take and they had engineers from all over the country create this "machine" for them. i don't own any ok go albums, but they without a doubt make some awesome videos. this one is my very favorite.

the other one is she & him's video for their single, "in the sun." how adorable is this video? plus, i really want the dress that zooey deschanel is hula-hooping in at the end.

these two videos have got me thinking about other music videos that i've loved over the years and that my kids have loved watching as well. here's a list:

p.s. for some reason it seems to be cutting off the sides of the videos. if that happens just click on them again and it should take you to the original source.


CharityMay said...

amazing amazing amazing! ok go make some awesome videos. and while i'm wishing, instead of the dress, i think i'll just wish to be zooey. she is too adorable. i think i'm on the hunt for that fabric now. i have been wanting to make myself some dresses, vintage style ones like that are always too cute.

Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

Those videos kept me and Macie intertained for quite a while this morning. HOw fun!

Anna said...

Thanks for the video links. My kids love watching them too!

Lisa said...

My kiddos REALLY enjoyed these. Jacob replayed it over and over and over...I just kept thinking, "OH MAN, that would've been hard to set up...and the TIMING!". Thanks for sharing!

Jenn Kirk said...

We recently discovered rube Goldberg machine vids on YouTube. So fascinating. My 4-yr-old can't get enough.