Thursday, August 09, 2007

austin city limits, hooray!

as a resident of a small-ish city in one of the nation's not so populated states, i'm hard-pressed to find access to good music. for me, it's all about the internet. (let's just say i'd usually rather listen to talk radio than listen to the music stations around here. and that, my friends, is saying a LOT, because i pretty much despise talk radio.) anyway, imagine my joy and surprise then, when i found that the local pbs station shows "austin city limits" every saturday night! and imagine my even greater joy when i found out who is scheduled to appear on the show this season: here's just a few of my fav's: arcade fire, wilco, the decemberists, explosions in the sky... and here is a link to the pitchfork article to find out more:

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