Thursday, August 16, 2007

wishing it was winter

today when i woke up it was kind of cloudy and grey and i found myself wishing it was winter. (n. is probably wishing the opposite.) anyway i have a distorted view of weather. i love rainy and dismal days. so when i'm craving cold weather, here's a few albums i like to listen to. (they just sound cold to me.)

Belle and Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister, paritcularly the song "fox in the snow" is for cold and sad days. Jose Gonzalez's Veneer works in all seasons, but the sparseness of the guitar is perfect for winter. Denison Witmer's Are You a Dreamer? is all acoustic-y natural-ish, i'm out in a forest sounding. it works for me. The Innocence Mission's Birds of my Neighborhood. sometimes when i listen to this album with my eyes closed i think that if i open them i could actually see my breath. nice and chilly.


D'Arcy said...

girl, how did we spend so much time as friends and not know this? I went to Paris on Tuesday and listened to my favorite Innocence Mission song (Bright as Yellow) while walking through the Tuileries.

Can I come visit and raid your CD collection? I am not kidding.

jomama said...

oh my gosh, it's amazing to me that we're using the same or similar soundtracks to our lives in such different places...mine is playing in my minivan with a booster and a carseat in the back, yours is playing as you walk through paris.
can you tell that i am jealous of you.
please take me on your next trip. to anywhere.
and yes, feel free to raid my music collection anytime. if i can raid yours.
by the way, i love bright as yellow but my current favorite i.m. song is lakes of canada.

traveltwin said...

bright as yellow is one of my theme songs, and i love lakes of canada, but my favorite i.m. song is beautiful change . . . or when mac was swimming, darn--there's too many