Wednesday, August 15, 2007

what my family had for dinner last night

ok. in an attempt to be honest here, i have to admit that frozen pizza is on the menu at our house a lot more lately than i would like. i wish every night could be a fabulous fresh meal, like n's cous cous a few nights ago, but unfortunately i have been repulsed by food lately. so that means that when it comes time to think of things to fix for dinner, my mind is a complete blank. cooking seems impossible. hence, frozen pizza. hopefully i will swing back into a "i'm a gourmet" mood quickly. in the meantime, i just want to say, frozen pizza is a reality around here, and i'm trying not to feel guilty about it.


D'Arcy said...

I don't even have that! It looks tasty! I ate an old tomato, a half a bagel sandwich from who knows when, a half carton of yogurt and some swiss chocolate for dinner yesterday.

jomama said...

that sounds a lot healthier than mine! and actually it sounds pretty good...maybe i'll make that for dinner tomorrow night.