Monday, August 27, 2007

m. dresses herself, part 3

so this is m.'s idea of little red riding hood. i have absolutely no idea how she got the idea that little red riding hood wears a patriotic swimsuit and an orange tee on her head for a hood, but that's how she rolls. that's her easter basket which contains the "goodies" she was bringing to grandma, and by the way, all day long she called ME grandma, and dad "big bad wolf" and if we called her anything but little red riding hood, including shortening it to "red" or "little red" she would not respond. all day. she was really good at staying in character. maybe she'll be an actor?


Cindy said...

That is funny! Thanks for sharing.

jomama said...

thanks, cindy!

traveltwin said...

you're killing me. actually m. is killing me. i can't believe she did that. oh, i can't wait til j. is 4 years old. strike that, i think i can.