Saturday, June 14, 2008

gone daddy gone

my husband is a great dad. it's very nice for me that it worked out that way. at our family reunion this past week, we had a little discussion about fathers and we all listed qualities that we thought were important in being a good dad. one of the things i listed was an attribute that mr. mama has in spades: a willingness to be silly. maybe that doesn't sound very important, but can you imagine a father who would never get down on the floor and play with his kids? never make them laugh by pulling funny faces at them or inventing silly songs with their names? never make up child-friendly versions of the board games his 4 year old wants to play but can't understand yet? i'm spoiled because i have a husband who does all this and so much more. his affection for his children is so genuine, so matter-of-fact, that i'm kind of at a loss as to what to say about it. i'm just grateful for it.

daddy and the little self-dresser, m. in her heart outfit: heart shirt, heart dress, heart leggings, and heart socks.

at the family reunion: little c had just got up from a nap, daddy was trying to copy his pointing.


Sugar said...

You know... I hate to say that I never had a dad like the one you describe. It makes me sad and yes, it did have a chilling effect on my life.

Dads didn't realize the powerful impact they have on their kids, positive or negative. I'm so glad that tide has turned.

D'Arcy said...

I think this is one of the most important things. When I spend the night at my parents, my dad still wakes me up by coming into my room, grabbing my feet and tickling them until I can't breathe. It's crazy! My dad was always playing with us on the floor, always telling us stories, always taking us camping. A good dad is a great thing!

You've got a great husband Jo! I knew it when you guys were dating, and I can see it more even now.

jomama said...

sugar, i'm so sorry that you didn't have that kind of positive impact in your life. i don't know what to say except that.
d'arcy, your dad sounds great! and thanks for saying what you did about my hub. sometimes it's easy for me to focus on what i think he should be doing better, so it's nice to hear from someone who was there in the very beginning, what a great guy you think he is.