Saturday, October 10, 2009

back in the U.S. of A.

ok, so it's been a couple of months since we moved back to the States. i guess i kind of turned the blogging over to jo because she's been doing such a great job. but we had an experience today that's worth writing about.

this afternoon we went to a pumpkin patch.

we paid 5 bucks per person and got on a trailer hayride, pulled by an extremely old-fashioned tractor.

this wasn't even the tractor. the tractor that pulled us was even OLDER.

then we got out to the pumpkin patch.

more pumpkins than i have ever seen before! we got to each pick our own pumpkin out, and they had some HUGE ones.

i know that this might not be blog-worthy to some people. but, to us, it was the perfect afternoon.

here's the reason. we are just thrilled to be here. we love the mountains, love the friendly people, love the way people get into the holidays here.

we LOVE halloween. we used to celebrate it in australia, but it just wasn't the same. a lot of our friends there consider it an "american" holiday (which i guess makes it unworthy of celebrating :). i used to pray i would find an orange pumpkin in the grocery store for us to carve. last year i actually talked to the produce manager and he special ordered me a couple from queensland. guess how much they cost . . . $19.99 each! therefore, we only bought one. so when we sat on our hay bale and came within sight of the pumpkin field, i actually felt like crying. to be back here, with family and friends, and get to experience autumn and halloween simultaneously this year, it's just THE BEST!


jomama said...

i don't think anyone could be as excited as i am that you are back...except maybe you...MAYBE. i'm so glad your pumpkin patch trip was fun! hooray for halloween! hooray for orange pumpkins! hooray for the u.s. of a!

Bee said...

That's what I've heard! America really gets how to do Halloween, but Europe knows how to do All Saint's Day!

Glad you are back!!