Tuesday, October 06, 2009

sweet m. at 6 years and some odd months of age

this is how i will always think of you looking at 6: bangs always slightly askew, top front tooth missing,that tiny scar on your cheek from when you fell off your bike a few months ago,and always mixing patterns in your clothing, always dressing yourself exactly how you want.

a couple of weeks ago i asked the kids a few questions about themselves and wrote them in my journal. here's what millie said:
favorite song: "winter white hymnal" by the fleet foxes
favorite primary song: "i love to see the temple"
favorite color: tie between pink and red
favorite smell: the way my hands smell after i wash them with lots of soap (no joke this is exactly what she said.)
favorite meal: mac and cheese or mashed potatoes
favorite outfit: red tanktop that has white and blue butterflies on it, with white shirt underneath, and jean cut-offs
favorite book: goodnight gorilla
favorite thing to do at school: go to lunch
favorite t.v. show: the electric company


kelly m said...

i LOVE that her fave song was by fleet foxes! so cute. cate's fave too.

Nat said...

She is just such a sweetie, and so cute!

Bee said...