Monday, October 19, 2009

when i was afraid

sweet m. called me from school on tuesday around noon. i came and picked her up and i could tell she was feeling horrible. on friday morning she was doing a lot better and we almost sent her to school, but i felt like we should keep her home one more day just in case. that afternoon she was lethargic, her cough had become much, much worse, and her temperature was up. i took it at home and it was 101.3. after trying to contact our family doctor a few times i took her to the urgent care, where they found her temperature to be 105.3 degrees. they almost sent her straight to the emergency room (they said 105 temperature can cause seizures) but instead they attempted to get her temp down there. when we left about an hour later her fever was back down to 101.4 and she was feeling a lot better.
they gave her a prescription and she has improved a lot over the last couple of days.

it's such a relief. i can't explain how terrified i felt when they said she could be having seizures and that they were considering sending her to the e.r. you know, there are so many times when m. frustrates me and i forget to see her for how precious and special to me she really is. the only good thing about her being that sick was it really put things into perspective. it didn't matter that sometimes she can be pouty or stubborn. all i could think of was how much i love her, how kind she is and how helpful she tries to be with me, how concerned she is for people around her. and how incredibly blessed i am to be her mom.


Frances said...

I'm grateful for those experiences that help us to remember. How scary for you. I'm glad she's better.

traveltwin said...

you made me cry. i love my m. too and am so glad that she's getting back to her sweet self.

Nat said...

Oh, she's just such a sweetheart. I'm glad that she's okay; I HATE it when my kids are sick!

The Taylor's said...

glad she is feeling better we have had some pretty high temps at our house this week too it is not so fun.

Jim said...

It can be scary when your kids are really sick. It is such a helpless feeling- I'm glad you got her the medical help she needed. It's a good thing that kids are so resilient.

I have noticed too that when someone is sick or hurt all of the other little "issues" seem to melt away and all of a sudden their well being becomes paramount. These situations tend to help us see more clealy what really is important. I wish I were better at maintaining this focus when they are healthy too.