Thursday, October 08, 2009

brushing aside waves to look for water

home life. it doesn't offer many surprises. there are so many chores. it's easy to get discouraged (for me at least.) i get frustrated with my children a lot. i let them watch too much t.v. i feel like there are too many improvements that i need to make.
luckily i get reminders, almost daily sometimes, of how lucky and blessed i am. seeing nie-nie on oprah, conference, capturing a moment with one of my children in photo form, or reading a really good quote.
like this one that my friend kat put up as her facebook status a few days ago, "If you seek some special life outside of daily activities, that is like brushing aside waves to look for water."


olivia rae said...

so important to remember these things daily. i easily get caught up in things that won't matter in a week, or even the next day. thanks for the little reminder!


Jenn Kirk said...

Now that is a great quote. I've been feeling the same lately -- that I'm not doing enough. It's so easy to forget that everything we need, and everything that is good and fun is right in front of us!

kelly m said...

i LOVE that. so inspiring to enjoy living!

Bee said...

you're very lucky. and so are your kids.