Friday, October 17, 2008

father and child reunion

embrace, originally uploaded by jowrites365.

daddy gets to come home for lunch most days, and when little c. is awake and millie has not yet boarded the bus, this is a cause for celebration. these kids love their daddy.
almost every time little c. sees big daddy, he runs up and gives him a big embrace like this one. it warms my heart every time, but sometimes, i must admit, it also makes me a little jealous.


Lisa said...

It's so cute to see Nate being a Dad...especially since I only ever knew him as a freshman at BYU, and now he's all responsible and grown up and a Daddy :). Tell him hello for me. And, as always, hello to you too!

D'Arcy said...

Yeah---I was a Daddy's girl, but I still loved my mom so much!

traveltwin said...

this is the sweetest picture i've seen in a long time.

Katherine said...

Such a beautiful picture! You really do have a gift.