Sunday, October 05, 2008


beginning of the plate wall, originally uploaded by jowrites365.

so we've been collecting these plates for a while now...and now we're starting our plate wall. there will be many many more when we're done!

p.s. someday our walls will be painted...i think a soft grey.


D'Arcy said...

WAIT!!! Is this your house? It looks so cool! I love it more than words can say (yes, that cheezy song should be resounding through your mind right now).

I am SO jealous. I can't put a lot of holes in the wall while I am renting, but when I get my own house, you can bet I will.

How do you get them all secure up there, and neat looking?

Classy lady!

jomama said...

you can buy plate hangers at hardware stores, and probably places like wal-mart and target, too. it's kind of hard to explain how they work, but once you buy them it's pretty easy to figure out!
our house is definitely a work in progress because there's so much we (read: i) want to change. i was going to wait until we could paint the walls to hang things up, but then the walls looked so bare and i thought why not just hang some stuff up now? so there you go.
and i can't wait to see how you'll decorate when you have free reign. your house already looks amazing, even with renting restrictions!

Cindy said...

I like the idea! :)I like fun stuff on walls.

Katherine said...


jomama said...

thanks for the compliments, guys! (i mean girls!)

traveltwin said...

you rock! love the wall. can i be you when i grow up?

jomama said...

only if i can be you!