Friday, October 03, 2008

halloween bash, entry no. 1 (the tunes)

so we are throwing a small (but hopefully delightful) halloween party for sweet m. and some of her friends. in the coming days traveltwin and i will be posting some of our ideas about halloween parties.
tonight: MUSIC!
of course there are the classics that quickly come to mind when one thinks of halloween:
thriller- michael jackson (must have. if you can, learn the dance that goes with it :))
monster mash- bobby "boris" pickett
werewolves of london- warren zevon
spooky- (the version i have is by dennis yost (such a fun halloween-ish song)
witchcraft- frank sinatra
dead man's party- oingo boingo
the purple people eater- sheb wooley
i put a spell on you- screamin' jay hawkins
love potion no. 9- searchers
haunted house- jumpin' gene simmons
the munster's theme- jack marshall
out of limits- the marketts
twilight zone- neil norman

some from nene's playlist:
that old black magic- sammy davis, jr.
superstition- stevie wonder
the edison museum- they might be giants

some that aren't classics, but i think would work really well:
i want candy- bow wow wow
somebody's watching me- rockwell
people are strange- the doors
addam's groove- mc hammer
don't fear the reaper- (originally by blue oyster cult but the version i have is the caesars and i really like it)
weird science- oingo boingo
the ghost in you- the psychedelic furs
psycho killer- talking heads
black magic woman- fleetwood mac
lil' red riding rood- sam the sham and the pharaohs (esp. great if someone at the party is coming as lil' red)
it's halloween- the shaggs (kinda weird, but is says halloween a lot)

and finally, here are some that have nothing to do with halloween, but are great songs and either mention ghosts, monsters, vampires, or are creepy-sounding
is there a ghost- band of horses. love this band, love this song
walking with a ghost- tegan and sara. pretty good party music!
monsters- boy least likely to
vampire- antsy pants (from the juno soundtrack)
skin is my, and a nervous tic motion of the head to the left- both by andrew bird. he is a genius, and a lot of his music is kind of eery sounding. just brilliant.


D'Arcy said...

The first time I played the Vampire song my antsy pants my sister freaked out at me. "Too much, D'Arcy!!!!" she yelled, "I put up with a lot of weird things coming from that iPod dock of yours, but I can't handle this!"

I have to laugh.

Band of horses is so sweet.

jomama said...

that is hilarious! it is kind of strange sounding, i guess, but it has kind of a childish quality to it that i think will be good for a kids' halloween party, and i had to add it to my halloween playlist because it says "vampire" a lot. :)

Saniya said...

Nice idea..! I will wait for more Halloween party ideas.

jomama said...

we'll get working on it!