Tuesday, October 07, 2008

halloween ideas from down under

thank goodness for the internet. yes, halloween is celebrated down here, but it's not very big at all, and gets nowhere near the respect that it does in the states. in fact, i've even heard people trying to denigrate it as "an american holiday."

anyway, here are links to some cute halloween ideas for cupcakes and other recipes, plus some party tips thrown in:

the wilton website (cute cupcakes, cookies, and candies--all with halloween themes)

the hershey's halloween website

the food network halloween ideas

these are just a few, please feel free to share your ideas as well. we're trying to put together a fun little halloween kids party for our playgroup. any help is appreciated!


D'Arcy said...

My friend in Australia has run into the same problems. No one really wants to celebrate it. He and his daughter have taken it into their own hands to create a large neighborhood party and make it one of the hottest tickets in town!!

Sounds like you are getting the word out there too!

I am no good at decorating for Halloween, I am much better at decorating for fall. Leaves, soup in pumpkins, and the like.

However, my friend and I were looking through ideas the other day. In the book they just put eyes on everything. It was HILARIOUS. Whipcream on top of hot cocoa? Put eyes on it and make it a ghost. Frosting cupcakes, just put on a pair of eyes. Eyes on the plates, draw them on. Eyes on the cups, eyeballs in the icecubes. Seriously...I am telling you, it's about little candied eyes.

jomama said...

such great ideas, n! there were some really cute cupcakes on the food network site...
i always, always, always look at marthastewart.com for ideas. i think for like a month leading up to halloween they have different ideas posted everyday, and you can find everything from the archives of all her mags. it's great.