Tuesday, October 21, 2008

letters to a young poet, lesson 1

i'm truly sorry if i have been inundating this blog with pictures that i've taken lately. believe me when i say that it's not because i think i'm wonderful at taking pictures, or even that i've become proficient at it. it's actually got a lot to do with this guy and some things he wrote to a young poet who asked him for advice.
man, this little book is full of great things to think about if you're a creative type, or if you're like me and you're trying to expand your creative horizons. he's really changed my way of looking at a lot of things.
for instance: i have been guilty (many times) of thinking: if i lived somewhere cool then i'd have lots of things to take pictures of. or, if my life was more exciting i'd have a lot of stuff to write about. and then i read what rilke says on the subject: "if your everyday life seems poor to you, do not accuse it; accuse yourself, tell yourself you are not poet enough to summon up its riches; since for the creator there is no poverty and no poor or unimportant place."
so that's why i decided yesterday to drive around my town and look for things i found beautiful. i only had time to take shots and one place because i left the kids at home and plus the light was fading, but here is what i saw:

this last one has a cross-processed effect that i thought was kind of cool.


D'Arcy said...

VERY cool. I love that idea. So many times I long to be in Paris or New York, but walking out my door this morning and feeling the crisp air, seeing my quaint street with leaves rustling along the pavement and hearing my neighbor's dog give a yap...I realized I was rich indeed.

I poet with much meat to feed myself.

Thanks for the reminder!!

Jessica said...

I think your very good at it!

Cindy said...

Pretty! I like the color contrast of the last one.

jomama said...

thanks, y'all!

lookforstars said...

i love letters to a young poet, it's one of my favourite books ever :D i love this entry of yours :)

It's Beth by the way, i've just set up my own blog!