Monday, December 15, 2008

best albums of 2008 (in my humble opinion)

here are my fav albums of 2008, and some are going down in the history books, baby. all-time greats.
5. sun kil moon- april.  mark kozelek, to me, can do no wrong. i love his calming voice.  i adore his album of modest mouse covers. i listened to it pretty much non-stop last winter. this isn't even his best album in my opinion. 
here's my favorite song of his; it's not from april, it's from ghosts of the great highway:

4. okkervil river- the stand ins. i guess it's kind of a follow-up to the stage names, which i liked even better. that's saying a lot because this album is amazing! okkervil river has thought-provoking lyrics coupled with upbeat, well-arranged beats. 
good intro to o.r.: our life is not a movie or maybe 

tied for 3rd place:
she & him- volume one. everyone loved zooey deschanel singing in ELF, (her voice is straight out of the 50's) but who knew she'd make one of the best albums of '08? of course this had a lot to do with m. ward, the "him" part of the equation, who is one of my favorite musicians. suggested track: sentimental heart. you can listen on their myspace page, linked above.

bonnie "prince" billy- lie down in the light.  will oldham, "billy" is pure folk genius. he just is. listen to "lay and love" from the album the letting go. like i said, pure genius.

2. vampire weekend- vampire weekend. beautiful, fun, and happy are words that come to mind when i think of vampire weekend. their music has a great west-african pop sound to it, and i could listen to it all day long.
check out the video for a-punk, it's pretty fun:

tied for first place:
bon iver- for emma, forever ago. what can i say about this album? it's gorgeous, it's haunting, it makes the other music in my itunes jealous. listen to most popular song "skinny love" on his myspace page, but my favorite is "flume"

and i hear he has a new ep coming out in january! 

and finally:
fleet foxes- fleet foxes. words fail me when i attempt to describe how much i love this band. you might be tempted to categorize them as just another "good" grungy band from seattle, but oh how wrong you would be. they have the harmonies of the beach boys, and great pop tunes, but it's more than just that, y'know? they have that certain something, they've got "it." i think i've already blogged about them twice but i don't care. their greatness must be shared. 
so many good tunes to choose from. i love "mykonos, "winter white hymnal," but here's my current fav, "tiger mountain peasant song" the live version:

while you're on youtube check out the band first aid kit's cover of this song. it also is brilliant.

so, those are my picks for best album of the year! what are you listening to? do you have any recommendations to share?


laceyJ. said...

Great list! We also LOVE Bonnie "Prince" Billy, but unfortunately I didn't love this album. But, I'm gonna give it a second chance!

Super Nova said...

just downloaded all of fleet foxes with my christmas iTunes gift card,

have to agree about just all of these, and Bon Iver, one of the best finds of the year, he has totallly captured my mood this December (which gave me a bit of depression, as I am sure you could tell) and it was so nice to have him as my company.

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